Thailand50 - Work Permits

Work Permit and Tax ID

In order to work in Thailand a foreigner must acquire a work permit.

The work permit is a passport-size blue book containing your photo and pertinent info.

With a work permit you may open bank account in your company's name with a checking account, get a one-year visa extension, and buy a car in your name.

The Process

A company must apply on your Non-immigrant B visa.

This company must have two million baht capital for each expatriate work permit with a ratio of Thai: foreigner in accordance with the type of work you do. Your salary should meet a minimum wage for foreigners. Each country is different. Plus you must show that your working here is a benefit to the nation and is not taking any job away from a Thai.

You will need the following;

  • Passport (photocopies of passport and visas)
  • Work permit application forms
  • MD statement of health
  • Company documents
  • Company bank books showing Five million in capital ie cars, office equipment et al
  • Two photos (color 4X5) (the capital requirement changed on 1st October)

Approval can take as little as a few days but also as long several months. The latter occurs due to a hesitancy of the officials to grant the permit. Any questions about this delay should be handled by a third party. If you're visa runs out, before acceptance, then you can consider your application as denied.

Once you have received your work permit, you will be issued a tax card with a Thai tax number. Income tax is approx. 10% of your wages and it is suggested that you speak with an accountant in order to benefit from any deductions available to your situation.

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