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Thailand Golf

Over the past 20 years Thailand has become a world-class destination for golfers.

The tropical climate provides ideal conditions for all levels of play and the over 200 courses offer challenges to all levels of play. Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, Nick Faldo and Robert Trent Jones have contributed to the lay-outs of the fairways and greens to several courses along with other famous designers.

No city or town is too far from a course and the price of green fees is a fraction of Europe or the USA.

Golf was popular with Thais even before the advent of Tiger Woods. Customs unique to the country include stopping for drinks every 3rd hole as a precaution for de-hydration.

Points of interest

  • Most courses are open to guest without any demand for handicap certificates.
  • The dress code is casual with an eye for smart, as the Thais are very conscious of appearance. Shorts and a button shirt are appropriate attire and shoes must be worn with socks.
  • Soft spikes are status quo to preserve the greens.
  • Most courses have electric golf carts, although caddies will use a trolley. 500/600 baht a day.
  • Caddies are a fine addition to your enjoyment. Their familiarity with the lay can shave points off your game. After singing into the clubhouse, a caddie will be chosen for you, unless you have requested a caddy ahead of time. Caddies like all Thais are very friendly. The cost for a day is 200-300 baht and a tip of 200-300 is customary after arrival in the clubhouse. Most caddies are women and are the meal ticket for their families.
  • Equipment is for rent at all clubs. Even shoes, chairs, umbrellas and coolers.

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