About Thailand50

We are fast becoming the leading expatriate portal for those living or wishing to relocate to Thailand, Run and managed on a daily basis by 4 expatriates with a combined total of 60 years experience.

We felt that we would like to create the ultimate information portal for anyone living or considering living in Thailand and supply as much information of the benefits and various pitfalls that you will encounter when moving to Thailand.

There are no fee's or membership costs involved, we offer impartial advice on each and every aspect of the website, where ever a section is sponsored we make sure that this is clear.

Our aim is just to have as much information as possible in one central location.

Join Us

If you are am Expat living or working in Thailand and have a flair for writing consider sharing your knowledge with others, we are looking for section writers and editors currently to expand the different areas of this site. Interested? contact us

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